Engineering Insurance

Employee Compensation Insurance  

Indemnity against statutory liability under Employees' Compensation Ordinance to pay compensation in respect of bodily injury by accident or disease to your employees of main contractor &/or sub-contractors arising out of and in the course of carrying out the insured project work. 

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Contractors’ All Risks Insurance  

A complete insurance solution for contractors. It provides indemnity to loss of or damage to contract works and legal liability for the third parties arising from the works being carried out.


Contractors' Bond – Provide surety's guarantee of satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor.

Administration Bond – Provide surety's guarantee as a condition of granting administration that the court may require in accordance with the Probate and Administration Ordinance. 

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Professional Indemnity Insurance   

Indemnifies professional firms and professional sin claims alleging negligence in provision of professional services.